Thursday, June 16, 2011

LEAF SEMBUKAN Paederia foetida L.

Leaves Farts (Malay), Kahitutan (Sunda), Sembukan, entut2an (Java), Kasembukan (Madura), Gumisiki (Ternate)

Plant shrubs, annuals, convolute. Halussetelah rough young old, replaced by buku2 grow roots, brown. Leaves single, opposite, oval, flat edge, pertulangan top, furry, feathered.
Compound interest, the stamens on the tube, fluffy, purple.
Fruit round, 4-6 mm diameter, shiny, yellow.
Riding roots, brown.

The leaves are more effective than drug mules and ulcer medications.
For drug mules: 100 grams of fresh leaves are washed and steamed until cooked, eaten as a vegetable.

Sembukan leaf chemical content: it contains saponins, flavonoids and tannins.

The leaves are also commonly cooked and accompanied with rice delicious jd naturally warm. Normally botok, ointment, etc..
Have fun at the same time so the medicine.

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