Friday, May 27, 2011

Jinten Hitam Habbatussauda (Nigella Sativa)

Here is an article about medicinal plants, which are very popular now, both from the perspective of the company or dergesundheit, the business circles of this herb include the ranks of the top market bacause it contains properties of the herbs medical anyserious illness and has over several features and benefits, other herbs to make herbal-business market early, while a massive promotion involves both TV and internet ads, remark able properties transition o benefits from this medicinal palntresearcher, like healing serious of many diseases or just a natural complement to the fitness care and the health of the body required by each person, compared with other herbal plants, medical plants are among immune sytem of viruses, germs the benefits pf research as Wissenchaftler benefits Streng thens the immune system of viruses, germs and bacteria that defend the body against cancer and brain function HIV wachsende Herbal plants black cumin, or better known as blackseed (Nigellasativa). What exactly the benefits of this herb known. I  will first of several sources wikipedia indonesia and other resources that help streng then this plant indeed deserves this time, the most popular medical plants.
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