Saturday, May 21, 2011

Daun Salam (Syzygium polyanthum)

Greetings prosperous for us all may we always be given health and fitness by Almighty Allah.
For most people today are sick is a very damaging threat particularly for health and fitness. Basically the disease its elf can be caused by the habits of individual and environmental circumstances less beneficial for your health including: sleep too late, lack of exercise, too often suffering from stress, nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals that are less, smoking habits, consuming drinks or foods that are difficult to digest by the body and contain addictive substances. as we know it all can cause an unhealthy impact on our bodies quickly or later, our bodies will decreased endurance, so that the immune substances in the body decreases and no longer able to protect the substances that can not be accepted before then settles in the blood, and organs.continouse substances that can not be processed by our bodies this will lead to diseases ranging from mild illness such as fever, flu, headaches, not passionate and disease very feared such as uric acid, high blood pressure, stroke, heart. Seeing the problems above I will try to share information from one of the diseases that also threaten and result in losses for our activities whichUric Acid (Asam urat)
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