Friday, April 15, 2011

Wild Ginger (Temulawak)

 Wild Ginger (Temulawak)

Wild Ginger is a family of herbs fixed plant
clear. The western Java? known as a big ginger koneng
Madura called the meeting because turnips. Area Indo-Hungary is a place where the ginger spread throughout the world. When
This is in addition to the plant in Southeast Asia can be found in China, Indochina,
Bardabos, India, Japan, Korea, the United States and several countries

Class: Spermatophytae
Sub Division: Angiospermae
Class: Monocotyledonae
Order: Zingiberales
Family: Zingiberaceae
Genus: Curcuma
Species: Curcuma Roxb xanthorrhiza.

Herb plants for more than a false high-wire 1 m, but
less than 2 m, green or brown. Rhizome roots formed
dark green, a perfect and strong branching. Each bar
Letters to the 2-9 thread, long round-up
Following spear-shaped green leaf color is dark purple or light-colored,
leaf length 31 - 84cm, a width of 10-18 cm, petiole length
including pieces from 43 to 80 cm. And slender inflorescence stalk and lateral scales
line shape, stem length of 9-23 inches wide and 4 - 6 cm, leafy
Many of which exceeds, or similar protective crown
interest. Hairy white petals, length 8 - 13 mm, crown
floret length 4.5 cm, flower thread
oblong white round tip
red or a red cube, length 1:25 - 2 cm and 1 cm wid

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