Friday, April 29, 2011

Guava and Guava Leaf buds Red efficacy

Guava and Leaf buds Red efficacy and utilization for our health, here is my edit of aew articles that explore the efficacy of guava as traditional medical plants.
Starting from the experience i have ever suffered from dengue fever that required first aid treatment and handling of hospital, doctors as to prevent the decrease in red blood cells if not immediately addressed properly, it can threaten patient safety, at that time the doctor really intensive handling and checking of blood was done 1 day 2 times to control the number of red blood cells in the body on day three decreased red blood cells begin to decline until the incubation period is needed here are tretments that can increase red blood cells within 3 days at that time one of my family advocate to drink boiled water from the leaves of red guava. every day I drank the liquid form of approximately 1 liter. After I eat this guava leaf immediate usefulness of to day until I stated that the hemoglobin or red blood cells begin to experience the amount of the increase otherwise I could finally be treated at home without having intensive treatment and gradually recovered.
Thanks to the guava leaf .And this some of the properties and useulness of other Red Guava I quote from some website. First of Mr. Mukti who write and post in his blog about the usefulness of this red Guava Plants in our lives and way of processing them to be consumed.

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